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If you are a general practitioner, dermatologist, ophthalmologist, dentist, specialist, physiotherapist or paramedic and you work on appointment, our online agenda offers you a complete solution for your appointment management.

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  • Extremely reliable

Especially for you!

Fewer phone calls in your practice by switching to online appointment booking. Save time by finding and scheduling appointments in a few clicks and much more…

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  • Contacts

  • Personal & agenda configuration

  • Statistics

I am almost speechless.

“After unsuccessfully trying several other online agendas, we were recommended by a fellow GP to contact you. Well, I thought I had seen it all, but I certainly did not. Your calendar applications offer an unlimited number of configuration options, but everything remains simple and clear! Great job. I’d say: a feather in the cap of your team, make it several feathers :-).

PS: Also the way of answering the questions and the speed are unparalleled! Once again, congratulations!”

Doctor Annemie Boussauw

General practitioner

Best price/quality for an online agenda you can find!

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We take care of your patients or customers and help you with the appointment management of your practice or company.

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