Doctor Lemkens Nele


Clininet integration.

CliniNet is a medical specialist management system with Integrated solutions for specialists in independent practices or hospital services.

“As EMD I use the CliniNet package. Now that the appointments are synchronised between my online agenda and EMD, it is super handy that I can now also follow up all my appointments in my EMD and easily click further to open a file. A wonderful collaboration between all parties!”

Mediris link.

The Mediris platform offers healthcare providers intuitive applications for electronic communication and digital patient management.

“It is super easy to switch between my online agenda to Mediris and vice versa. I can easily request a history of the appointments in the online agenda from Mediris or make a new follow-up appointment.”

Doctor Beyaert Vicky

Doctor and psychologist

API’s for assistance.

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a software interface that allows two applications to communicate with each other. You could say the messenger makes a request to a provider and then feeds back the response.

With our calendar APIs, other applications can easily communicate and request data so that you can access necessary information even faster. Ask us about it!

Doctor De Nijs Evelien


Eyefile integration.

Ophthalmologists do not want to worry about their infrastructure or computers. They want to take care of their patients. They want software that helps them do what they need to do, at the right time. An optimal and almost invisible user experience.

“Patient data from my EMD Eyefile is synchronized to my online agenda. In this way appointments can be made very quickly and the operators of Ringphone also have access to this.”

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