Biggest advantages of Ringphone’s online agenda.

The online agenda for practices is very efficient and flexible. Fully configurable to your liking. We list some of the benefits for you:

Extremely flexible

  • Manage appointments quickly and easily: delete, copy or move appointments.

  • Many options for quickly making or removing timeslots for appointments available.

  • Easily set weekly schedule for a longer period.

  • Book recurring appointments or home visits.

  • Switch between day view and week view.

  • Search for first available slots according to criteria.

Extremely efficient

  • With agenda labels you have a lot of options for setting your work schedule.

  • With the unlimited use of appointment types in your agenda with adjustable duration, you determine the rhythm yourself.

  • Automatic opening of additional appointments according to predefined criteria.

  • Agenda labels reserved for certain treatments.

  • Handy search function to quickly find appointments, home visits, notes, etc.

  • Decide for yourself which appointments are available for you, for patients and/or the secretariat.

Extremely accessible

  • The agenda system is easy to use on any device (PC, tablet and smartphone) and at any location.

  • All appointments, notes, adjustments are displayed on your screen in real time.

  • If you wish, patients can make their own appointments via their PC, tablet or smartphone.

Extremely reliable

  • Automatically send reminders to patients via email and/or SMS.

  • Always up-to-date information. No double appointments.

  • Regular addition of innovative features and improvements.

Why work with our online agenda?

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We do not work according to the principle of a doctor’s shop, where patients can choose from a list of doctors in their region. They will definitely come to you via Ringphone.


Your agenda is very easy to integrate on your own website. If your website is managed by us, we will include it in your house style.


Via our daily notes in our agenda system, it is easy to communicate with each other between doctors, secretariat or remote secretarial services. You can answer when it suits you best. You can also pass on assignments to be followed up in this way (example for moving appointments).

Thumbs you say?

“I still remember when the thumbs up in my Ringphone calendar came on the scene. From one day to the next, the agenda took on an extra dimension and the flow in our practice became much more efficient and dynamic. Via the thumbs it can now be easily passed on, without additional communication, whether a patient is in the waiting room, whether a follow-up needs to be done, whether the patient should be contacted if an appointment becomes available sooner,…”

Doctor Philippe Mondet


Help is always close at hand.

“With the new support function, the Ringphone helpdesk is closer than ever. With a quick search I can now easily find an answer to my question. Real time saver! In this way I also learn how to get everything out of my agenda.”

Doctor Paul Hanssen

General practitioner

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