Website design

We take care of that from A to Z. Visitors get to see a perfect screen, on PC, tablet and smartphone. The simple management system allows you to adjust the information yourself. But we can also do it for you on request.

  • A website. A must!

  • Management and customization

  • Integrated online agenda

  • Reliable

  • All traffic over HTTPS

  • WordPress CMS

Video consultation

A video consultation is an easy way to talk to and see your healthcare provider over the internet. The healthcare provider will also see you. At the time of your appointment you can make video calls with your healthcare provider via your PC, laptop or tablet.

  • Safe

  • User friendly

  • Continuity

  • Simple

  • Economical

VOIP telephony

Your telephone line is decisive for your practice. Why make analogue calls when you can also make digital calls? VoIP (Voice Over IP – Internet telephony) offers better call quality, lower costs and can be personalised down to the last detail.

  • Cheaper

  • Better availability

  • Everywhere

  • Flexible

  • Control

  • Future oriented

  • Quick installation

On-call duty: arrangement and distribution

Drawing up schedules for on-call duty is titanic work; and then there are always those inevitable adjustments. Our application realizes this in an instant. Participants can switch shifts online.

  • Fast and easy

  • Exceptional assets

  • Automatically

  • Always up to date

  • For everyone

Aanmeldscherm en wallboard

Login screen and wallboard.

Patients can register themselves upon entry. When they have taken place in the waiting room, you can call the patient via a wallboard with a simple click to come to your consultation room.

Curious for what we can do for you?

We take care of your patients or customers and help you with the appointment management of your practice or company.

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