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On-call duty and telephony.

The patient who calls during an on-call shift is immediately transferred to the on-call doctor. If he calls outside office hours, he will hear a personalised message with the information you have provided.

The call

The patient calls the on-call service number.

The search

The call comes in on Ringphone’s automated system and looks for an ongoing watch.

The forwarding

If there is an ongoing watch, the call is forwarded to the doctor or person on duty. If there is no running watch, a message is played.

The post-processing

After the transfer, a report of the call is sent by email and/or SMS to the doctor or person on duty and the administrators.

Doctor Jeroen Stubbe

Duty officer Ostend

Every week, each participant also receives an e-mail with the overview for the coming week

Every participant is involved.

The reporting application stores everything flawlessly. Those responsible can log in and always consult all information about waiting times, waiting schedules, calls and exchanges.

Since we have been using your on-call duty application, everything has become much easier. Since then I have enthusiastically taken on this task for years without any problems.

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