VOIP telephony

Your telephony is our concern.

Jonas Delagrange

PracticeCoach – CareCoach

Many practices have already made the switch to VOIP.

VOIP telephony, the right choice!

To know what VoIP means, it is important to know what VoIP stands for. VoIP is an abbreviation of Voice-over-Internet-Protocol and this protocol makes it possible to make calls via the Internet. The existing network of the practice is thus used for calling. Calling with VOIP is a reliable and cheap way to make calls. We take care of the installation and management of your complete VoIP network and supply reliable peripherals such as routers, switches, devices and headsets.

We think along with you.

Every practice is different. Each practice has its own wishes and needs to ensure that everything runs smoothly. We have the right people and experience in house to help you with this!


Telephoning via the internet has become quite standard in the meantime, but setting up a good exchange is still a matter of thinking along with the customer and understanding the needs. Our telephony solutions are therefore supported by highly professional hardware and software that make it possible to meet the sometimes very specific requirements of our customers.


Our expertise has mainly grown from group practices for doctors who have different needs at different times of the day. Automatic call forwarding, voicemail, queues, emergency call, etc… these are just a few of what we can offer.

Are you looking for a personalised solution for your practice or company?

We have the necessary knowledge and people in-house to help with your project. All our solutions and applications have grown at the request of one of our customers. We accompany you from start to finish and manage the entire process!

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