A few functions of the online agenda in a row

Expanded (both classic and innovative new features)

  • Different time schedules can be set up
  • Schedule appointments in accordance with sliding hours
  • Agreements only possibly on the day itself or as from the previous evening
  • Customised appointment types with linked appointment duration and colour
  • Automatic appointment reminders by text and/or by e-mail
  • Immediate consultation of the next free appointment blocks
  • Easily create or remove additional work blocks
  • A comprehensive range of search functions
  • You manage your own responsive user-friendly website from the agenda
  • 1 on 1 communication with your own, dedicated operators of the tele secretariat


  • Different users consult your agenda simultaneously
  • Usable on each type of device and from anywhere in the world via fixed or mobile network
  • Let patients and representatives book individually online
  • You receive your appointments by text and/or by e-mail
  • Overview of all calls, texts and online bookings
  • You receive without restriction the necessary 'bugfixes' and updates (safe software)
  • Synchronisation possible with other applications
  • Free helpdesk


  • We apply a fixed amount per online agenda and this without monthly, additional costs.
  • Neither do we bind you with a contract. Your satisfaction is our contract.

For whom is the online agenda accessible

  • For you
  • For your colleagues
  • For your own secretariat
  • For your patients or representatives via your website
  • For your tele-secretariat (excluding Ringphone)