Your online agenda available for the world

You can use the online calendar of Ringphone just as a personal calendar. But why would you want to leave it to that?

My organiser, my tele secretariat

The online agenda is an ideal tool between you and our operators in the tele secretariat. Operators book appointments in your calendar while you can follow them up in real time. You can in a simple way communicate with the operators or give tasks. You also have a clear overview of all calls that were processed for you. You have additional information available: the name of the operator who has answered the call, the time and duration of the call. And especially: if you work with the tele secretariat of Ringphone, the online calendar is included for free.

My organiser, my site

Patients surf your website via your personalised domain name. There they can easily and without login procedures make an appointment. You determine how and when a patient can make an appointment in the system.