Online agenda for the management of your appointments and tasks

Maybe you will opt to keep your finger on your appointments. We propose a safe calendar system for you: online, uncluttered, everywhere and always available in the internet environment. Ringphone has developed a specific application for this, my organiser, compatible with tablet and smartphone. In due time, we perform the necessary updates to make our application more user friendly and better in performance.

What do you gain with this?

With my organiser you can view and complement your appointments at any time. You see on your screen at a glance which moments are still free. Convenient search functions allow you, with one click of the mouse, to call up the names of patients, date of birth or prior consultations. If someone asks you for a consultation on a strictly limited time, then you will find that in one second. Group surgeries may share agendas if they so wish. You determine yourself the colours for the different appointment types. Furthermore, you adapt in a simple manner texts, times and announcements as soon as a change is imposed. The application of my organiser focuses among others on doctors, dentists and paramedics, business managers and representatives, physiotherapist, veterinarians, psychologists …

The largest time saving: a private site!

If you opt for my organiser as online agenda, then you can further extend it with your own website, my site: we create for you or your group surgery the shaped, personalised website where visitors can easily book their own appointment. Especially the latter means for you an incredible amount of time saving while you still hold all possibilities in hand. And one also thought about the new mobile generation: visitors who consult your website through their smartphone or tablet, get to see a customised, optimised version.

Would you rather have only an agenda?

You can subscribe for the application my organiser without the use of our secretariat. So you always have an up-to-date calendar at hand, whether you are in your surgery, at home, or underway.