Online agenda with unlimited potential

Benefits? Especially for you!

  • The online agenda system of Ringphone offers a complete solution for the management of appointments via online applications. It is available both on your pc as well as on the road on your tablet and smartphone.
  • With one shortcut on your desktop to open my organiser: say goodbye to those browser applications and login systems.
  • You divide your calendar and customise it so it suits your own time indications. An appointment takes 15 minutes, a treatment 45 or a representative 10 minutes? When entering it is automatically taken into account and a correct time blocked. If you wish, each appointment type appears in a different colour on your screen.
  • With one click of your mouse you can see immediately what appointments have been added.
  • Do you also know our little ‘thumbs’? After each appointment you can check whether a patient did not turn up ('no-show'), or you should draw up a report for him (‘follow up’) etc...

We do not operate according to the principle of a doctor shop where patients are able to choose from a list of doctors in their region. Through Ringphone they will definitely come to you.

Advantages for you and for you patients

  • Patients surf to our or to your website. There they can without login procedures simply make an appointment. You determine yourself when a patient can do this. If you so wish, this is also valid for representatives.
  • Double bookings are excluded with us. Is your agenda also managed by the secretariat or by other employees? Can the patients themselves make an appointment with you online? Than that is never a problem: everybody gets at any time a real time overview on his screen.
  • If you so wish all patients who booked long in advance, get a reminder text 24 hours before their appointment. This applies also for online bookings via email.

Advantages for your communication with the partners

  • With group surgeries you can, by dividing the agenda, get very quickly in the planning of your colleague or for her/him make a notation.
  • In our agenda system it is easy to make a day notation. The secretariat may make a note for you without having to disturb you. You can also pass something on to us immediately without therefore having to call or email us. You can also just make a notation for yourself, for example that you need to call someone later in the week.
  • You can yourself, whenever you wish, make changes to my site.
  • Help is always, as with all of our services, included free of charge. We are always just an email or a call away.