CMS and your online agenda go hand in hand

A Content Management System (CMS) is a system that is used to manage the content of a website. The website can be fully managed and can be modified to suit your needs and this without knowledge of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) or other program languages. The administrator of the website can easily add and remove content via the control panel.

Word press

Before we tell you more about the development of your website, we tell you first what more about Word press.

Word press is a CMS system that can be used to develop and manage a website. The fact that the software is open source software, simply means that the code of the software is public and can be adapted or supplemented by everyone. A big advantage is the fact that Word press is continuously being expanded with new features, simply because everyone can develop new features for Word press. With Word press you can develop every imaginable website. From corporate websites to personal blogs, web shops and even websites with online courses: everything is possible with Word press. Whatever website you would like to develop: it is all possible if you make use of Word press. Word press is by far the most user friendly and complete system in the world.

My organiser and Word press

Ringphone as the only one in the market that offers a complete integration of the CMS package in your online agenda application. You manage very easily yourself your website via your agenda. Adapt texts, add photos, add all happen with a few clicks. Via a plugin you integrate your agenda very easily in your website. The agenda is not opened in a separate window or is not referred to other applications that look completely different. With my site your agenda is opened within your website and in accordance to your own design and colours.

How to start?

Very simple. You give us your desired domain name and Ringphone will configure everything according to your wishes and requirements. If you wish to make adjustments later than you can do this yourself easily via your agenda. Or you send these through to support and we will be pleased to do the adjustments for you.