Medical tele-secretariat

A busy surgery brings a busy life with it. On top of the many hours you already perform, the core of your activities, there is that eternal telephone and the relentless planning of work: inevitable, yes, but very time-consuming and never at the appropriate time.

The tele-secretariat of Ringphone solves this for you, in an efficient and affordable way: with us there is no inflexible year contract and no price indications per second. We charge a fair price to pay only in the event of an actual recorded and finished call. Ringphone stands always for transparency, clarity and for obvious added value. The use of our agenda system tailored to your own surgery, is even free.

“Ringphone offers very many formulas made to measure, also decides for you. And in addition, you do not pay any start-up cost.”

We become your invisible secretariat from the moment that you think it is required. Ringphone offers you various possibilities. You can forward your calls during your holidays and during your lunch break, after working hours or at a time that you should be able to continue work undisturbed, often a Monday morning. You can also transfer to us continuously and enjoy 100% of your new Ringphone experience.

Our quadrilingual clerical staff will process your calls customer friendly and professionally. They have all received specific training and have the necessary practical experience through earlier work orders in the medical sector.

We are here continuously accessible for you and your patients: on working days from 8 am to 8 pm and on Saturdays from 9am to 12pm. We will give you a free and personalised transfer number, that allows us to answer the phone in your name: "With the secretariat of doctor...". And extremely important: the telephone number of your surgery remains the same for your patients.