Subsidy for the use of the tele-secretariat

Thanks to Impulseo III, you can qualify for a financial compensation for the engagement of an external tele-secretariat for the administrative support of your surgery.

How much will you get paid back?

The allowance shall be equal to half of the actual costs up to a maximum of € 3,474 per year. This applies both to the individual general practitioner as for any general practitioner within a general practioner’s group.

Conditions for the repayment

  • There is a written cooperation agreement between the general practitioners of the group.
  • The individual doctor manages at least 150 global medical records (GMD's), within a group multiplied by the number of doctors who have signed the agreement.


The application for compensation shall be submitted at the latest on 30 June for the costs of and on the basis of the number of managed GMD's of the preceding year.

You can submit the application via your doctor syndicate or through one of the points of support with which the Participation Fund works together. We refer to the site of the Participation Fund.

You can find more information on