Tele-secretariat for the professions and businesses

As managing director, lawyer, judge or manager you do not always find the time to answer each call immediately. In a meeting, on the road, with a customer or when you are already on a call, you do not always want to be disturbed by a new call. We will solve that for you.

You can switch your calls easily to our operators who deal with them friendly and professionally. They record the message or order and send immediately through via e-mail or SMS. You can follow up everything in real time via our online application.

You can also entrust other tasks to our clerical staff. They can be responsible for the follow-up of the administration, for forwarding to the right colleague, for the management of your agenda, the moving of appointments, advice to the caller. In a sense they become partly your personal assistants.

Your own business culture counts

Furthermore Ringphone adapts itself, because every customer is unique. We realise this as no other. Since we fully answer your calls on behalf of your company or surgery, we work exclusively in accordance with your directives and company culture. The caller never gets the impression that he talks to an external operator.

Receive faxes

Do you not have a fax number or fax machine or do you want a simple way to digitise your faxes, then you can also switch them through to us. Via our applications the documents are processed: we convert them in pdf and send them immediately to you by e-mail. You have also access to your faxes in the online application faxes.