Divide and manage on-call service and on-call rolls

The automatic on-call arrangement system of Ringphone is unique. As part of the on-call network, you have the perfect way at work to arrange or to consult the schedules of your on-call arrangement services. First, the colleagues can pass along information with which the setup of the schedule must be taken into account. On the basis of parameters, the program automatically outputs the necessary proposals. A final responsible may apply changes at any time. Users can propose to each other at any time to exchange on-call duties. Accepting or refusing the proposed exchanges can be done with one mouse click.

" The report application stores everything flawlessly. Those responsible can log in and consult all information about on-call intervals, on-call schedules, calls and exchanges."

Each day an automatically generated text is sent to the participant of the on-call to remind him of his turn. Every week, the participants also receive an e-mail, fax or text with the overview of the coming week.

With one press of the button you can export the schedule for integration in Medega.

“Since we make use of your on-call service application everything becomes much easier. Since then, I have been taking enthusiastically and without problems that task on me voluntarily for years.”

Doctor Stubbe Jeroen On-call service responsible Oostende

The patient who calls during an on-call duty, is immediately transferred to the doctor on duty. If he calls outside the service hours, then he hears a personalised message with the information that you have specified yourself.

My waitservice for tele secretariat users

If you are a participant in an on-call network and use our tele-secretariat, then you can use this free of charge.