Set up a fast and simple on-call service

The establishment of an on-call service schedule has always been a complex and time consuming job. My waitservice relieves you from those headaches by means of a specific on-call service module: Our program works out for you an independent and perfect simulation on the basis of the parameters that you have entered yourself. There is never anymore puzzle work.

An approach with exceptional strengths

Through the link between the waiting list and telephone, the calls are always correctly routed. Each participant can send through specific data which must be taken into account when drafting the schedule. A final responsible can at any time apply changes if they are deemed necessary. Users can contact each other directly, for example to switch on-call duties. Accepting or refusing of proposed switch happens with one click of the mouse.

The end of unpleasant surprises

  • You never again forget to switch the waiting line to the participant on-call
  • You are always aware of a forthcoming on-call duty
  • You can switch on-call services between each other in a simple way
  • You make up new watch schedules with the push of a button

The simplicity of this system did not only convince the younger, but also the older generation.