Do you want to know more about Ringphone?

Ringphone has in the past years profiled as a full medical tele-secretariat for both house doctors, group surgeries, dermatologists, dentists, specialists, hospitals and pharmacists. We grant our service in the meantime also to other companies and professional categories: managers, restaurateurs, lawyers, judges... Through our extensive experience and our highly professional online agenda we are the front runner in the Belgian market. Our screened operators are an important element in our success.

Managing directors Maarten Van Iseghem and Sven Bruynooghe form the ideal ‘partners in business’: whilst Maarten mainly concentrates on the commercial, social and organisational aspects of the business, Sven is mainly responsible for IT and marketing.

So why still hesitate? We make sure that you can quietly create time for your patients or your customers and for your work. In the meantime, your calls are answered in a professional and friendly way and your agenda maintained. Work together with Ringphone means: more time for your patients or clients. You will soon be able to establish this yourself: we pay ourselves back.

Ringphone medical tele-secretariat would like to become your partner. We are only one telephone call away from you. So see you soon.