Impulseo III subsidy

Impulseo III is part of the Impulse Fund. This fund provides financial resources for all costs related to the establishment and operation of general practices. Impulseo III regulates the precise conditions of the allowance if you call on a medical remote secretarial service such as ours. The fund argues this will help you with your administrative management which leads to a better and more efficient operation of your practice.


  • Half of the real costs, a maximum of 3,474 euros per general practitioner.
    Both the individually recognised general practitioner and the group of general practitioners are entitled to this subsidy or reimbursement for calling on a medical remote secretarial service.

Read more here: RD about the impulse fund


  • There is use of at least the telephone and online appointment management.

  • There is a written cooperation agreement between the general practitioners of the group.

  • The individual general practitioner manages at least 150 Global Medical Records (GMDs), within a group, multiplied by the amount of doctors who signed the accord.

  • You have time until the 30th of June of the previous year to bring in the concession application.

Ringphone helps me with almost everything:-)

“Bringing in the request through one of the doctors’ syndicates or one of the support centres, with which the Participation Fund cooperates, was very easy. Ringphone, once again, was a big help in getting everything in order! “

Doctor Jeroen Stubbe

General practitioner

Saving with Ringphone telesecretary.

“Because of the fact that we work with Impulseo III, part of the costs of our medical telesecretary Ringphone can be recovered, making this service very affordable and interesting.”

Doctor Hans Gesquiere

General practitioner

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