Do you also think that your company should always be accessible to your customers or suppliers?

Personalised service

Ringphone remote secretarial services is used in sole proprietorships as well as in SMEs.

We become your invisible secretariat at times when you deem it necessary. Ringphone offers you various options. You can forward calls during your holidays, during your lunch break, after working hours or at a time when you need to be able to continue working undisturbed. You can also forward calls to us continuously and enjoy 100% of your new Ringphone experience.

Years of experience

16 years

Average number of calls

8,350 per day

Number of companies connected

256 companies

Telephone permanence for companies.

We give you a free and personalised forwarding number, which allows us to answer the phone in your name: “Welcome to…”. And most importantly, your company’s phone number remains unchanged.

Experienced operators

Our quadrilingual employees process your calls in a customer-friendly and professional manner.

Customer service

Thanks to our telephone service, you can be sure that you will never miss an important call.

Customised actions

Taking orders, helpdesk for customers, passing on information, filling in forms, ….


From 79€ per month. A lot cheaper than a secretary.

Thanks to Ringphone I am always available.

“We are a specialised company that is exclusively focused on cleaning, repair and legal inspections of gas central heating boilers. Ringphone ensures that we are always available. They are also responsible for planning interventions for Customers.”

Ronny Thielemans

Manager – EKI heating

The doctor for your PC.

“Compudoc primarily wants to help people with their computer problems. We provide solutions for both software and hardware problems. Ringphone helps us answer our calls and creates tickets that are forwarded to our technicians all over the country.”

Dag Flachet

CEO – Compudoc

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